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Company name
Address Takeda Bldg. 2-10-8, Yanagibashi, Taito-ku
Tokyo JAPAN 111-0052
Tel: +81-3-5809-1132 Fax: +81-3-5809-1138
Founded December 18, 1943
Capital 10 million yen
The president-director Takafumi Matsumoto
Number of Employees 5
We are...
  • An exclusive advertising agency for some 20 scientific Societies in Japan(See list below).
  • Organizing exhibitions associated with the Meetings of those Societies.
  • Broadcasting "Scientific Products Buyer's Guide"on the web mainly for Japanese researchers.
  • Selling promotional products on the web http://www.novelte.com
  • Importing scientific software if its manufacturer has no distributor in Japan (on customer's request).
We are the sole advertising agency for...
  • The Magnetics Society of Japan
  • Fuel Cell Development Information Center
  • Japan Bioindustry Association
  • Japan Radioisotope Association
  • Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties
  • Meteorological Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Photochemistry Association
  • The Spectroscopical Society of Japan
  • The Acoustical Society of Japan
  • The Robotics Society of Japan

Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha
Tel.+81-3-5809-1132 Fax.+81-3-5809-1138